Information to share?

This is just a hobby for me as something that I am particularly interested in. It seems that all these years after the occupation new information still appears.

I am always happy to receive information to share or if you would like to write a post about a topic or family story.

Photos and copies of documents are also most welcome.

Do you have a question about an aspect of the occupation just ask through the contact page.

3 thoughts on “Information to share?”

  1. Hi Nick,

    I discovered your Island Fortress blog recently, and wondered if you would be interested in reading a historical Occupation novel that my grandfather intended to publish soon after the War.

    It is an account of the Occupation seen through the eyes of a fictional Castel farmer and landowner – a very similar character to that of my grandfather.
    He was Jurat John Roussel (1873 – 1946) and a successful Guernsey farmer, property owner and politician. He wrote an 85,000 word historical novel called “Dark Days”. Being involved with the administration of the island, in particular with education and the island’s hospitals before his health deteriorated, he had an understanding of the difficult decisions the island authorities had to take during the Occupation. Sadly, he died in 1946 before the novel could be edited and published, but a few years ago I discovered the original manuscript by accident and typed it up.

    As a historian you might be interested in Dark Days with its many pertinent and true-to-life story lines, despite John Roussel’s rather Victorian style of writing.

    I would be happy to send you a Word copy of Dark Days

    Kind regards


    Robin Roussel.

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