The blog has been going for just over six months now and I have endeavoured to cover a variety of topics so far. It takes time to research and write each post and I appreciate the time that everyone takes to read them. At the time of writing this almost 10,000 views of the blog have happened from around the world.

It probably won’t surprise you that when I open my web browser the most visited sites are the various archives across the world! Sometimes documents aren’t digitised so I have to request them or go and photograph them. I also have a vast collection of documents and newspapers from that time.

I have many things that I am researching at the moment but that doesn’t mean I can’t turn my attentions to a topic that may be of interest to you. If you have a question please either comment here or drop me an email to .

Also happy to receive information or stories that you may wish to share. The personal stories are so interesting and often missed from so many books.

I have helped a few people resolve questions about events that impacted their families and not all of these have made it onto the blog because they were of a personal nature to those families. Should you wish to get assistance with this happy to help.

So over to you. I am taking a few days out to recharge my batteries but there are already a couple of blogs written and already scheduled to post during that time. I will be sat on a beach with some books and no doubt dipping into the odd archive or two…..

A couple of blog posts are scheduled to appear later this week.

In the meantime if you could share the site on social media or just tell people about it that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for reading. À bétao (See you soon)

Author: Nick Le Huray 🇬🇬

Guernsey based amateur historian. Interested in the Occupation of the Channel Islands and wider Second World War history.

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