A blog about the Occupation of the Islands of Guernsey in the Channel Islands by German Forces during the Second World War.  Along with period photographs and current photographs of some of the fortifications I will be focusing on personal accounts of the lives of Islanders, occupying forces, and military operations in and around the Channel Islands.

I have lived in Guernsey all of my life and am passionate about the history of the Island. Some of my family were evacuated in advance of the Occupation, some served in the forces during the Second World War, and others remained during the Occupation. 

I have a full-time job but will be adding to the blog as often as time allows.  Should you have any questions please either add them to the comments on a specific topic or feel free to email me on Nick@Le-Huray.com or use the contact form if there is an area you want to know more about or if you have information to share.

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 I hope you find it useful and interesting.  


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