Wiederstandsnest Lowenfels (Burton Battery)

This one is free to visit and doesn’t take long to explore but worth it for the views over the west coast of the Island as well as the history. It is a little tucked away but you can park in the road.

There is a sign post which indicates the way up a small path. More information on the site and how to get there are here.

Wiederstandsnest Lowenfels at Albecq in Guernsey. The German occupying forces adapted the existing 18th Century battery.

The Battery is on high ground overlooking Cobo & Vazon beaches where they thought an Allied invasion force may land. View obscured by undergrowth now.

They built a gun position into the existing battery, known as Burton Battery. The weapons positioned here included one 8cm mortar, one 3.7cm Pak in a tank turret, three flamethrowers and several machine guns

The machine guns were in a bunker hidden in the original walls. The building with a house behind is the original black powder store.

A personnel shelter was also constructed.

Wiederstandsnests (resistance nests) combined with the larger Stutzpunkts (strongpoints) formed a defensive network around the coast of Guernsey that was designed to repel an Allied invasion.

All photographs © Nick Le Huray

© Nick Le Huray

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