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I tweeted a while ago that I had a copy of “Hints on War Time Cookery” which was issued to the population of the Bailiwick of Guernsey during the Occupation of the Channel Islands. One of my followers on my personal twitter account Chris Ayres expressed an interest in knowing more about this. Then a few others chipped in that they would be interested. So as unlikely as it seems for those that know me, here is a blog about cooking, something I am renowned for not being very good at!

Guernsey Museums & Galleries have now put a copy of this book on their website.

A few observations on the book which maybe of interest.

The preface sets out the reasoning for producing the book. You will note that part of the reason is to encourage people to use communal cooking facilities in order to preserve fuel. This became more and more important as the war went on and the Islands were cut off from supplies. Gas and Electricity supplies were rationed and other fuel sources became scarce.

It also includes at the end of the book of how to use “The Fireless Cooker or Hay-Box” as another method of preserving fuel stocks.

If you want to have a go at cooking with a Hay-Box instructions for a modern version here.

I don’t know who the lady experts “D.H. and M.W.” are. If you know who they are please do drop me an email (Nick@Le-Huray.Com) or on Twitter here

One has to remember that as time went on many of the ingredients became scarce or just simply not available due to severe rationing so substitutes were made. I will be blogging about that another time.

If you are looking for Potato Peel Pie you will be disappointed, a bit like the accuracy of the film.

Page 22 does contain a slightly puzzling recipe for Sea Pie containing nothing from the sea apart from the salt.

This one is not one I have heard of before and no it isn’t a typo it really is Ham Roly-Poly! The jam version is later on.

Hope that was of interest. Back to my more normal stuff later in the week!

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